Allied Florists of Houston ...When only the best will do.



Houston Cup Winners

The following Allied Florists of Houston members are Houston Cup Winners

2014    Sherri Jentsch, TMF
(Pictured with the Trophy and Nicola Parker, TMFA)

2013   Rebecca Sherman, AIFD

2012   Nicola Parker, TMFA

2011   Gina Bautista

2010   Lana Scarborough

2009   Courtney Stewart Thomas

2008   Laura Williams, TMFA

2007   Donna Senter

2006   Dana Humberson

2005   Kimberly Mueller

2004   Bill Morgan, TMF

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Texas Cup Winners

The following Allied Florists of Houston members are also Texas Cup Winners

2013    Rebecca Sherman, AIFD
(Pictured with the Texas Cup Trophy)

2012   Nicola Parker, TMFA

2006   Beth O'Reilly, AIFD

2005   Alex Torres, AIFD TMF + (Also won the Sylvia Cup)

2003   J. Scott Hasty, AIFD

1995   Patricia Gomez, AIFD + (Also won the Sylvia Cup)

1993   J. Keith White, AIFD

1991   Tommy Teasdale

1987   Scott McCool, AIFD

1984   Chuck Merritt, AIFD

1982   Lisa Albrecht, AIFD

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Member of the Year

The following Allied Florists of Houston members have received the Member of the Year Award

2013    Nicola Parker, TMFA
(Pictured here with President Mary McCarthy)

2012   Jan Weatherford

2011   Angela Henry

2010   Keith Taylor

2009   Robin Martinez, TMFA

2008   Courtney Stewart

2007   N/A

2006   Vicki Knupple & Mary Weise

2005   Susan Weatherford

2004   Patricia Gomez, AIFD

2003   Kathy Green, TMFA

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Buddy Benz Award Winners

The following Allied Florists of Houston members are also Buddy Benz Award Winners.

2013    Robin Martinez, AAF, TMFA
(Pictured with the Award)

2012   Kathy Green, TMFA

2006   Renee Carpenter, TMFA

2003   Susan Tate, AIFD

2002   Debbie Wright, AAF, TMFA

2001   Judy Rutledge, AAF, TMFA

2000   Jan Weatherford Oxley

1999   Debra Gordy, AAF,TMFA

1998   Linda Forsell, AAF, TMF

1997   Keith Taylor

1996   Gayle Johnson, AAF, TMFA

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Horizon Award

The Horizon Award was established by the board of directors in 2008-2009 in order for the board to recognize an outstanding new member in our organization. A new member that demonstrates great passion for the floral industry, for Allied Florists of Houston and who jumps in with both feet; being involved in meetings, programs, and one who is eager to help when called upon.

Our membership consists of many deserving individuals who give of themselves but there is always one who rises to the top of the list.

2014   To Be Determined!

2013   NA

2012   Kim Laurey

2011   Lydia Villamizar

2010   Jason Holguin

2009   Frances Egbert