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From the November Newsletter

I cannot believe that we are actually having fall weather this year. I hope you are all enjoying the cooler temperatures we have been having. I want to pose a question to you this month in my letter and then give you my opinion. I would love to hear your thoughts at some point, feel free to email me or simply tell me the next time we meet. The question is, when are flowers not just flowers? I have been talking to several people over the past month about this subject and have come up with a few thoughts I would like to share. We are in the flower business, we sell flowers, we deliver flowers, we create with flowers, we…, we, love flowers. Sometimes, however, flowers are much more than what we see with our natural eyes. Sometimes they are more than a vase full of beauty, and even more than that smile they create on the face of the recipient.

Flowers are sometimes and encouraging word. We may have a friend that is struggling through something at the moment and we send them flowers, but they do more than we could have imagined. On occasion, they give that person the hope, the joy, the drive they need to continue on and the strength to persevere through this trial. Other times they are a much needed hug. The bouquet arrives at just the right time and when the recipient sees that arrangement, it is like you are personally standing right there with your arms open waiting to give them the hug they need to crawl out of the trap they have fallen into. Most importantly sometimes flowers are life. I was talking to a young lady the other day about flowers and in our conversation she began to cry and when I asked if she was okay, she told me her story about flowers that had saved her life. She was pretty depressed and very much a loner and had honestly gotten to a place in her life that, in her mind, it was not even worth it to live anymore. After a few days of thinking about it, she decided to take her own life. That afternoon as she sat with pills in her hand ready to end it all, there was a knock at the door. She answered and to her surprise, there stood a man with flowers. Flowers from a friend who just “happened” to send them to her that day. She sat down and read the card with tears running down her face and as a result chose to live and get help through her problems instead of ending it all.

You see sometimes flowers are more than flowers to people. Sometimes they are the essence of life. Let us never forget that we, while we sell flowers, have much more in our hands than a knife and a stem or two of daisies. Sometimes we hold the key to someone’s future, their hopes, their dreams… their life. I know this goes without saying, but I will anyway. When we design, let’s remember that we should be putting our very best foot forward and letting the love shine through in out style. As always, Keep blooming and go out and make something beautiful today.

 Alan Masters AIFD, CFD


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When choosing a florist, look for the Allied Florist logo - your assurance of Professional Quality and Service

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